A portion of proceeds will be donated to Integral Youth Services (IYS) and Klamath Ice Sports-Bill Collier Community Ice Arena from the Klamath Basin Oktoberfest.  Thank you to all our attendees who gladly attend the Klamath Basin Oktoberfest to give back to organizations that help make our community a better place.

To offer HOPE to youth, providing for their needs and mentoring toward positive choices and healthy relationships.

Klamath Ice Sports will develop and provide wholesome winter-time activities and attractive facilities for ice sports in the Klamath Basin, promoting participation by youth and families at a reasonable cost, in a beautiful year round multi-use pavilion setting.

205 Riverside Drive, Suite E
Klamath Falls, Oregon 97601
(O) 541.882.9600
(C) 541.281.4576